File Dump

Some files or not files you might or might not want.


Check back later. Perhaps someday my resume will drop.


A couple of somewhat continuous series of content. I hope to update these somewhat regularly.

LuaSnip Guides

A collection of not particularly related guides relating to the snippet engine LuaSnip. May be somewhat helpful if you’re looking to learn more about how to create snippets or if you’re looking for an excellent way to spend the next 30 hours looking like you’ve been productive.

Personal Library

I accidentally gave a professor an epiphany about integrals and teaching mathematics because I told him I was reading real analysis. But wait, there’s more - I have stuff to say about the books I own.

Side Quests

Side quests give me life. And personality. I think. Here’s to a list of silly things I’ve done.

Etc: One-off Pieces, Random Files

Vim Shortcuts

Some slightly useful or incredibly stupid movements in Vim.

Extra Stuff

Basically a list of extra ideas that didn’t quite make it to a full page.


If you want math books or if you like to spend hours typesetting. I’m the latter.